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We’re Going to LA – What To Do

A few months ago we went on a short 3 day trip to Los Angeles, the beautiful City of Angels! LA is an amazing city and squeezing all the main spots into three days can become quite a challenge. However, if you are planning to visit Los Angeles for a few days, make sure to check out the places we’ve visited. During our trip we stayed at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel. I only recommend this hotel if you are planning to rent a car, otherwise it is simply too far out of downtown. The hotel itself is a great choice for a fair amount of money.

DAY 1: Candytopia & Santa Monica

When we visited LA in the end of April, we got lucky because Candytopia just opened its doors to the public. Candytopia is fun if you like candies and taking pictures for Instagram. If you don’t, ignore the following sentences and scroll down to the next paragraph. Similar to Museum of Ice Cream, Rosé Wine Mansion, or Color Factory, Candytopia invites you into a world full of candy themed and colorful rooms with lots of options to take nice pictures for your social media. One ticket costs around $34 and includes tons of free candy.

Note: Candytopia changes its locations a few times throughout the year. As of today, it is only available in San Francisco and New York.

Since Candytopia was located in Santa Monica, we decided to go for a walk along the famous Santa Monica Pier. On top of the pier, you can find anything ranging from food stands to amusement fun rides. Many street artists and dancers come to the pier to perform their show, so there will always be something to watch. Besides that, the view from the pier allows you to take great pictures of the beach and the ocean. Make sure to stroll along the beach after visiting the pier and take a picture at the iconic lifeguard houses.


DAY 2: Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Griffith Observatory

Our second day started with a trip to Malibu. When traveling to LA, I highly recommend to rent a car so that you have the possibility to explore everything around the city! Malibu is a beautiful destination for a weekend getaway from the busy city of Los Angeles. We went to Paradise Cove Beach and it was amazing! If you are going by car you have the possibility to use the parking spots of the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. Although parking tickets are super expensive (weekdays 35$ and weekends 50$), you have the option to use their restaurant, bar, and private beach facilities for the amount on your parking ticket.

After relaxing at Paradise Cove Beach, we drove back to LA and stopped at Beverly Hills and the iconic Rodeo Drive, a street full of luxury boutiques and people showing off their expensive cars and designer clothes. The thing I like most about Los Angeles is that you can find street art and graffiti everywhere! The area of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, especially Melrose Avenue is full of it. Take the time to either walk or drive through the streets and enjoy the beautiful art work.

Hollywood itself and the Walk of Fame are worth a visit but not one of the nicest spots in LA. They are super touristic and people try to sell you something around every corner.

Our last destination on the second day was the Griffith Observatory. The best time to visit is right before sunset, so that you can enjoy the best views over LA. Keep in mind that many people plan on visiting it during that time of the day, so it takes a while to get on top of the hill and find a parking spot. From the Griffith Observatory you can enjoy views over downtown LA, spot the famous Hollywood Sign, and take a look at the stars.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped at Urban Light, a large sculpture featuring street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s in front of LA’s County Museum of Art. The installation is especially beautiful during night time when all the lights shine bright.


DAY 3: Venice Beach

On our last day we only had a few hours to spend before heading back to the airport and catching our flight. We decided to drive to Venice and take a walk along Venice Beach. The area is famous for its funky shops, restaurants, its skate park, and the iconic Muscle Beach outdoor gym.

Los Angeles has a lot to offer, that’s for sure! As our time was very limited, we did not have the chance to visit for example the Venice Canals or to spend one entire day relaxing at one of the amazing beaches. If you are planning to travel to LA, make sure to include the listed places to your travel itinerary. Also, let me know your thoughts about LA!


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