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Las Vegas, Baby! – What To Do

In January, we traveled a few days to Las Vegas – the gambling and entertaining capital of the world which is also known as Sin City.

Although Las Vegas is not one of the favorite cities I traveled to, it is a must see for everyone! Nowhere in the world people have such a loose anything-goes mentality. In Vegas, people truly live up to the motto “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. You can find crazy things happening around every corner and no one seems to care about it because it’s normal. Walking around in a bikini with hotel slippers? No problem. Gambling machines at the airport? Certainly.

Besides that, Las Vegas remains an entertainment mecca. There are shows and concerts everywhere. Each hotel has its own casino and themed style. Want to visit the Eiffel Tower in Vegas? No problem. Haven’t been to Venice yet? Check it out in Vegas.

Since there are things to see everywhere, visitors can easily spend a few days exploring Las Vegas with all of its parties, casinos, shows, and attractions. All major attractions are located along the famous Las Vegas Strip, so make sure to go there for a stroll.

What I definitely recommend is visiting one of the numerous shows in Vegas. Tickets can get quite expensive, but visiting a show in Vegas is inevitable like visiting a Broadway Musical in New York. We decided to visit the Water Show “O” by Cirque du Soleil in the Bellagio Hotel and it was amazing! I highly recommend it to people who like visiting Cirque du Soleil acrobatic shows in general.

After checking out the casinos, shows, and attractions, there is not much else to do in Las Vegas. That’s why we decided to rent a car and drive to the nearby located Hoover Dam, a dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border of Nevada and Arizona.

The Hoover Dam can be reached within 30 minutes by car and is worth the visit if you want to get out of the Las Vegas bustle. Make sure to walk along the Memorial Bridge on top to get a feeling of the size and power of the dam and enjoy some amazing views of the canyon. Visting the Hoover Dam also allows you two stand in two different states and time zones.

The last thing we did was taking a full two-day trip into the Grand Canyon. Although visitors can reach the Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas within 30 minutes by car, it only offers limited views and is not as gigantic as going deep into the Grand Canyon. We decided to visit both the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Getting there takes about 5 hours by car one way, which is why we decided to stay one night in Page, a small city located close to the attractions.

Visitors are not allowed to visit the Antelope Canyon without a tour guide, which is why we decided to book an Upper Antelope Canyon Tour with Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours for 60$ per person departing from Page. To catch the best light and take the nicest pictures I would recommend taking a tour there in the morning. During the tour, visitors will get the possibility to walk through the narrow walls of the Canyon and experience its beauty. Visiting the Antelope Canyon was clearly one of the best things about this Las Vegas trip and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to visit the Canyon.

The last step of our trip was the Horseshoe Bend. After a short hike from the parking spot near the highway, we reached the cliff overlooking the Horseshoe Bend and the Colorado River over 1100 feet below. The view is incredible! Make sure to stop at the Horseshoe Bend and include it in your trip.


Altogether, Las Vegas is worth a visit just because it is so different and crazy like no other city. However, I clearly recommend renting a car and getting out of the city to visit the beautiful nature around it. There are so many places in the Canyon worth a visit and hike! Also, make sure to stop next to the highway on the way to the Canyon whenever you see a nice scenery to enjoy the view.



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