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Oh, Beautiful Vancouver! – What To Do

Vancouver has been one of my favorite travel destinations in the past year. I visited the city last November for a couple of days and I fell in love immediately. To me, Vancouver offers the perfect combination of both dynamic city vibes and calm nature spots.

Throughout the trip, I stayed at The St. Regis Hotel on 602 Dunsmuir St. The hotel is located directly in the city center of Vancouver close to many restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions.

#1: Vancouver Lookout

When traveling to a new city, I always prefer visiting an observation deck to get a better overview of the area. The Vancouver Lookout is located close to the Waterfront and offers amazing views over the city. For 17.50 CAD, visitors can get a 360° view over the city from 169 meters above ground. If you are flexible with your time, I would recommend going there for sunset and spending some time on top. The light during that time is beautiful!



#2: Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a huge public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver and is almost completely surrounded by the water. It is a great getaway from the city and offers fantastic views of Vancouver’s skyline and the marina. There are many things to see inside the park, such as the Vancouver Aquarium, the Totem Poles, or the Brockton Point Lighthouse. From the Waterfront of Vancouver it takes around 30 minutes by foot to reach the Seawall with views over the city.  I would highly recommend exploring the park for a couple of hours because the views over the city or harbor are just amazing. And by the way, who doesn’t like a little hike through Canada’s beautiful nature?



#3: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is a must see when traveling to Vancouver! Its main attraction is the 140 meters long and 70 meters high suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the north of Vancouver. Besides the suspension bridge, the park features multiple “Treetops Adventures” and nature trails. When visiting the Park in November I got lucky to experience it decorated with thousands of Christmas lights.  Although tickets are a little expensive with 47 CAD per person, I can definitely recommend this attraction as it is a unique experience of Vancouver’s nature. If you are visiting Vancouver between November and January make sure to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in the evening when all and Canyon Lights are shining.




#4: Gastown 

Gastown is a lively neighborhood located next to downtown Vancouver and is characterized by its Victorian style houses. The trendy neighborhood is full of small shops, restaurants, and art galleries. It is definitely worth a stroll! In the middle of Gastown there is an old antique-style steam clock which you should include in your visit.


Make sure to check out these four spots on your next trip to Vancouver! Also, let me know your favorite spots and things to do in Vancouver.



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  1. Vancouver looks really beautiful. I had never an imagination of how it could look like, but now I think it is really nice:)
    Dorie from

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